Enough valid research has been conducted to justify action to protect against health effects:

Many hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers have now been published on biological effects of non-ionising radiation demonstrating biological effects occurring in response to a range of frequencies.1 It should be noted that modulations to RF communications fall within the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range. It remains unclear whether it is the RF or ELF frequencies that are most bioactive, but that academic question does not need to be answered at this point in order to be clear that the technology is not safe, as both existing and proposed emissions contain both portions of the spectrum integrated in this way.  The evidence base for certain types of biological interference is extremely strong. In excess of 90% of publications noted oxidative stress, both in vitro and vivo (animal studies).2 Oxidative stress which can damage multiple biological systems is implicated in many diseases of high public health importance such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease and infertility.  

Funding is well known to bias study results. “The industry-funded studies found an effect in 28% of the studies and the independently funded studies found an effect 67% of the time.” 34(Prof Henry Lai via Lloyd Morgan)