We do not use any cookies on this website to be creepy. The only first party cookie that is in place is:

Domain Name Value Expires on
phiremedical.org PHPSESSID   0344e5d85186440b38ed… Session

This cookie is a session ID for when you move from page to page that we remember who you are and is set by our hosting provider.  Once you leave our website, it ends. You can block it yourself via the browser if you do not want to remember you at all.  We are interrogating if we actually need this cookie with our hosting provider and attempt to remove all unwanted cookies as soon as possible.


We also use some third-party services to enhance the functions of the site, which result in trackers being active. These don’t set cookies but they do send reporting data to the third party when you land on the page. You can block tracking of your online activity by using a tool such as PrivacyBadger, uBlockOrigin or Ghostery.

Data goes to:

  • Google: The site uses Google Fonts – we are about to oust Google from our website but please bear with us.
  • Facebook: The site has the Facebook feed to ensure you receive the most up to date information from our Phire Facebook Group. We are looking at alternatives to use by providing a newsletter rather than via Facebook but this will take time to improve.