Brain tumours have overtaken leukaemia as the leading cause of  cancer deaths in children 1 (both are associated with EMR exposure). Children today have an unprecedented exposure that is higher than that experienced any generation before them and they have been shown to absorb more radiation than adults.

A five year old can absorb sixty percent more microwave radiation than an adult 2 and exposures in bone marrow can be up to ten times greater 3. Overall, they are more likely to suffer greater biological effects from EMR exposure because:

  • Children’s thinner skulls, and smaller bones allow greater absorption into bone and deeper tissues
  • Children’s brains (especially neonates) can have higher water content and so absorb more radiation
  • Children are smaller (a relatively higher proportion of their tissues may be closer to a point source) 4 5 6 7
  • Children have more vulnerable developing systems (e.g. neurological/reproductive)
  • Children have a longer time ahead for latent effects to manifest 8 9 10 11.

There is evidence that genetic damage caused by exposure within current guidelines may not only damage the exposed child, but also their offspring 12 13 14.

Mobile phone radiation penetration in brain by age

Thank you to Professor Om Gandhi


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