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Dafna Tachover

Dafna Tachover is a human rights attorney and the founder of “We Are The Evidence”, an advocacy organization for the protection of the rights of people who got injured by wireless technology radiation. She is an attorney both in New York and Israel and got her degree from the UK. She also has an MBA and has had an international legal and business career with focus on strategic advisory. She has a technical background and served as the commander of computer and communication center of the Israeli Defense Forces operational center and headquarters. After she developed Electro-Sensitive in 2009, she became an activist and an expert on the issue of wireless technology radiation and focuses much of her efforts fighting Wi-Fi in schools and promoting the rights of the electro-sensitive.
In 2012 Ms. Tachover initiated a case to the Israeli Supreme Court asking for an injunction that would ban the use of Wi-Fi in schools. While working on this case, she exposed an existing epidemic of Electro-Sensitivity amongst children; she found over 200 sick children in 6 schools alone. Her case aroused national and international interest both in parent groups and in the media. In 2014 she represented 94 organizations from 22 countries in submitting an Amicus Brief in a case in New-Mexico concerning a man with a Electro-Sensitivity who was forced out of his house. In 2015, she testified in front of the Children Rights Committee in the Israeli Parliament. The Committee scolded the Ministry of Education and, convinced of the harms of Wi-Fi, determined that the installation of Wi-Fi in Schools is a violation of children and parents’ rights. It asked that Wi-Fi be removed and that wired networks be installed instead. She also have been working to educate the medical profession about ES and wireless technology harms and give lectures on the topic to increase awareness.
Ms. Tachover is one of the leading speakers on the issue of Electro-Sensitivity. She has been successful in helping to create an informed public. Her story was published in 2012 in the weekend magazine of an Israeli paper, where it created a stir. Ms. Tachover has been featured and interviewed frequently by TV, radio and newspapers in Israel and worldwide. In the US she brought the issue of ES into the mainstream media with a Time Magazine movie she promoted and in which she is featured.called “The Search for a Golden Cage”. She was also interviewed by New-York Magazine.