Increases in Exposure

In only one generation we have increased radiofrequency radiation exposures by a billion billion (Quintilian) times.


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We are currently witnessing the largest change to the Earth’s electromagnetic environment that has ever taken place in human history. This change has taken place in the very short period of a handful of decades and continues to escalate at an exponential rate.

Given that basic household electricity, which was the first anthropogenic (man-made) electromagnetic field (EMF), only became prolific after the turn of the century, artificial EMF has barely seen one generation from cradle to grave.

The use of higher frequency microwave devices such as mobile telephony, Wi-Fi and smart meters, have suddenly become commonplace despite inadequate safety testing and decades of evidence of biological interaction. Therefore a political and scientific debate gathers momentum on a daily basis, raising concern about the continued use of such devices.

This is the first time that exposure has been so ubiquitous and escalated so rapidly. Many experts in this field are therefore predicting this to be the greatest public health disaster in planetary history.

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